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And softly, with that marvelous swoon like caress of his hand in pure soft desire, softly he stroked the silky slope of her loins, down between her soft buttocks, coming nearer to the very quick of her...

she felt him like a flame of desire, yet tender, and she felt herself melting in the flame... She let herself go. she felt his penis risen against her with silent amazing force and assertion.... His hands held her like flowers so still and strange... 

 DH Lawrence

This sex therapy and sex information site is run by Vincent a psychotherapist and Karolina a counsellor who have an interest in working with couples and treating sexual problems.

Good Sex produces many positive benefits, it provides a natural healing  for you emotionally and physically. Providing your relationship with a healthy and enjoyable way of maintaining mutual love, bonding and attachment. Sexually active people are generally happier and live longer! This has now been confirmed in the UK by the National health service direct promoting active healthy sex in a health promotion campaign.  

We all have a basic human need for love and affection, good sex is one of the most effective ways of getting this; In the build up to being sexual, in the heat of the lovemaking and in the afterglow of being physically with your partner. People enjoy not only the build up to sexual intimacy but also the afterglow.... for good reason. during  sex our body chemicals are naturally produced in a way which leads us to feeling good. When we feel good we can adult or married dating to test our new skills and comfort within our own sexuality.

Psychologically being wanted and loved is very important to every-one. Sex meets that need in a way no other activity can, the loving touch and lingering of skin against skin is the source of  much mutual healing.

We know that sexuality is little different from all the other aspects of ourselves and our lives. How we express ourselves sexually reflects how we express ourselves generally. If we are caring, creative, adventurous, loving in our lives then our sexuality will reflect this. If someone is fearful, suspicious, narcissistic, or aggressive and violent then it would be surprising if they were not like that in their sexual encounters and sexual relationships.

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"Your breasts are clusters of dates, I will climb the palm tree and pick it's fruit,

Your breasts are like bunches of grapes... Then let the wine flow straight to my lover, over his lips.... he desires me"

"Passion... bursts into flame.. Water cannot put it out.. No flood can drown it! "

"The curve of your thighs is like the work of an artist... There is a bowl there that never runs out of spiced wine”

"Your left hand is under my head and your right hand caresses me"

The Song of Songs.... (awful)